Imagine . . .


Intuitively creating collages that express who you are, where you have been, and where you are destined to go.


Starting with the collages papers you make,


to the artwork they are transformed into,


each will tell a story to support your journey,


and those that are drawn to what you create.

During our time together, you will . . .
  • choose a color palette that speaks to your soul

  • make many dozens of one-of-a-kind collage papers  

  • create a cohesive collage series ready for exhibition

  • imbed meaning into your artwork

  • create art that works compositionally 

  • professionally mount your collage series

  • learn a repeatable way to create from your intuition

  • invite the sacred into the art making process 


At last copy

  • Catherine Rains

    “Collage Joy has been the best class I have taken over the internet. As a retired teacher I appreciate a course that is well planned out. Catherine has done an amazing job organizing the class into incremental steps. Both beginners and people with more collage experience would enjoy the collages that build intricacies each week. Every warmup collage each week was exciting on its own and that’s not even the main collage for the week.

    Catherine's calm, personable manner makes the class what it is. Her weekly Facebook videos are a joy. She is completely accessible to students. I have greatly improved my art skills because of what I have learned in this class. ”

  • Catherine Rains

    “Collage Joy is the ultimate resource to learn everything you need to know about creating your own unique collage fodder, understanding the elements of collage art, and developing your artistic voice with torn and cut papers.

    Collage Joy is probably the most detailed and well thought out online art course that I have taken to date. Cat explains why and what she uses , recommending certain products to create her art as well as techniques that are specific for collage art. Collage Joy is a master class for any artist seriously wanting to learn or elevate the art of torn paper. ”

  • Catherine Rains

    “Even though I have been painting for many years - watercolor, acrylics and a little collage - you have presented so many lessons that I know I will incorporate into my work. I thought collage would be a cake walk, but in this course I came to understand that there's quite a lot of thought and consideration that goes into the work, in addition to turning over many decisions to my inner creative power. I loved your frequent reminders to trust our instincts, to work intuitively, and your emphasis on choosing a color palette and sticking with it.”

  • Catherine Rains

    “I truly enjoyed EVERYTHING about this collage class!!! From the instruction to the excellent filming and direction, sped up when necessary and real time when needed... you expertly captured a wonderful experience for all... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have shared and being so brave!  You have inspired me that it is never too late for another beginning.   ”

 What to expect

in each Module

Module  1

We start by setting the foundation for all 6 weeks of lessons, beginning with gathering supplies, choosing a color palette, going on 3 treasure hunts, organizing our collage papers, glazing papers that don't fit into our palette, and making many types of collage papers. 

Module  2

As we begin to create our collage series, the focus is on exploring how our neutral papers work together. Starting with a warm up sketchbook activity, we'll use what we discover to create four+ 4" x 4" collages using neutral papers, and finish them by adding a shape.  

Module  3

Building on what we learned in Week Two, we'll add cool colors to our neutral palette. Starting in our sketchbooks to see what color combinations light us up, we'll use this information to create our main project of four+ 6" x 6" collages, adding an image transfer and a shape.  

Module  4

Again building on what we learned the week before, we'll explore how our warm and neutral papers work together as we create both warm up and main project collages. We will increase the size of our collages to  8"x8" and include a shape, word, and another type of focal point. 

Module  5

Now we bring all our colors together - neutrals, cools and warms - as we first explore in our sketchbook what color combinations light us up. Using this information, we'll create our final mini-series of four+ 10"x10" collages, this time adding a shape, word, mark and two types of focal points.

Module  6

Our final week is about finishing our collection of 16+ collages, including titling, signing, sealing, varnishing, waxing, and then professionally mounting each artwork.  We'll end our heart-opening journey together with a final closing ceremony, reflecting on all we learned along the way.

  • Catherine Rains

    “I came to Collage Joy having worked in collage and mixed media for quite some time, but found tremendous value in Cat's approach to creating series or collection - narrowing a palette, experimenting with small studies, building a personal library of marks, images, and titles, and options for finishing off the work. All that, with a beautiful overlay of staying in touch with creative intention and gratitude, which is how I believe a personal signature style will emerge. And, whether you are experienced or a beginner, those collage fodder technique lessons - what fun!”

  • Catherine Rains

    “The College Joy workshop was incredibly inspiring. Each week's projects were clearly demonstrated. Very easy to follow, clear instructions with lots of room to make the work your own, not just copy someone's technique.

    At first I was skeptical of taking something online, fearing that I would not be able to follow along or there would be no place to ask questions. But all my questions were in fact answered in a very timely fashion and were very helpful. I was able to follow along at my own pace, which was great because I was working at the time.

    Taking the workshop really catapulted me into a different head space for creating my art. I now have a whole new set of skills to hopefully take my art to new levels. It was an amazing workshop. Not to be missed.”

  • Catherine Rains

    “This class has been a 12 on a scale from 1-10. I am so impressed with your teaching skills; that you're providing "guides" not rules (like a Tim Holtz "You do you" approach); and your digital skills—not a usual combo for an artist. I appreciate the platform you use — flawless.”

  • Catherine Rains

    “I am delighted to affirm the “ Joy” in Collage Joy.
    1. You clearly find joy in your art and your ability to pass it on to others, and as a result, we, your students feel that. It lifts us up.
    2. You have worked hard to make the classes fun, interesting, and build on each other seamlessly. They work for all levels of art student.
    3. You have crammed so much into the course, including the supplies and how to use them, collage paper making techniques, embellishments and how to use them to finish the basic work, and design techniques that are simple to follow.
    4. Your Q and A have been very illuminating and I love that you have encouraged the whole group to work with each other. It’s so rewarding to post one’s pathetic efforts and have a bunch of thumbs up from fellow students!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

Student Art

Gorgeous collages created during COLLAGE JOY

Catherine Rains
Rita D

“Collage Joy is amazing to me in every way. So well organized, every detail is thought of and explained. You demonstrate so many ways to create collage papers that I was just overwhelmed in a wonderful way. Your explanations are clear, your ideas are simple and yet ingenious. Collage Joy is one of the best online art experiences I have ever had. It truly is a joy to watch, to learn and to work on my own projects with you and your lessons in mind.”

Catherine Rains
Deborah Palmer

“I truly enjoyed every minute, from Collage Kickstart all the way through the Collage Joy master class. Catherine is a generous and knowledgeable teacher who shares skills and techniques and is always kind and approachable. From creating your own papers to adding final touches, while always encouraging each student to be true to their own art, she guides you through each lesson. ”

Catherine Rains
Ginny Ogden

“Just want you to know how MUCH I’m enjoying Collage Joy! It is stretching me, and that’s good; and I’m loving that I can go at my own pace, which is also SO good. am just so blown away by the depth of all the material and lessons you are giving to us. It is so much FUN, totally engaging, and I love that we end up with ART! I also dearly love your opening and gratitude rituals that you do in preparation and in closing, and your journaling of what a particular series is teaching you is so dear.This truly is an inspired course and I’m SO grateful that you listened to your Higher Power and said Yes! when It whispered to you that you could offer Collage Joy! ”

Catherine Rains
Alice Clayton

“What I loved about Collage Joy was that we weren't just copying the instructor's work. Cat gave us guidelines, and we created our own unique pieces. It was fun to see everyone's work...similar in color but so different in style. Now, I can use Cat's guidelines to create any type of collage I want. The sky's the limit!!”

How long to I get to keep COLLAGE JOY?

You have unlimited LIFETIME access to this workshop, which means for as long as Catherine Rains, LLC is in business offering online courses.

What supplies do I need?

You probably already have what you need to create stunning collage papers and your collage series.  Watch the "Suggested Supplies" and "Choosing your color palette" videos in Week One's lesson before purchasing anything as you might have most of what you need to enjoy this COLLAGE JOY. 

How do I view the lessons?

You can access the prerecorded video lessons from most mobile devices and computers with high speed internet. A new set of recorded lessons will be released every Monday starting January 22rd.

A recording of the weekly Facebook Live Q&A events will be stored on the workshop platform under the week it occurred, as well as being available within our private FaceBook group.  

Once I sign up, then what happens?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you sign up.  Login instructions will be sent to the email you used during registration.  If this is the first time you are taking a class from me, you will receive a random password for the classroom site. Once you are logged in, you will be able to go into your setting and change the password.  If you took COLLAGE KICKSTART, this class will automatically be added to your existing member account, assuming you used the same email when registering. 

When does the workshop begin?

You will receive Module 1 - Part One as soon as you sign up.  This will give you lots of time gather supplies, choose your color palette, organize your collage papers, glaze the papers that don't match your choosen palette. and go on 3 fun treasure hunts.  Once the registration doors close on January 21, Module 1 - Part Two will become available. Week Two's lessons will be available the following Monday, and you'll get a new set of recorded lessons every Monday after that. 

What is your cancelation policy?

You have 14 days from the day you signed up to go through the available lessons and decide whether this workshop and myself as a teacher is a fit for your learning style.  I want you to be delighted with what I'm sharing and if you aren't, simply contact my team at and we'll happily refund your full purchase price.

What level of artist is this suitable for?

This class is intended for all levels of artists, from those just beginning to explore mixed media to those who already exhibit their art. I will be sharing my personal step-by-step process for creating intuitive collage. As with any workshop you take, you will naturally integrate the parts that resonate  no matter your artistic level.  

How can I connect with other students?

You will be invited to join a private FaceBook group where you can share what you are creating, cheer each other on, and ask me questions throughout our time together.

You are not required to join this group, and can still connect to the community through the comment section of each lesson. In the event you don't use FB, you might consider setting up a private FaceBook page exclusively for this workshop so that you can participate in the weekly LIVE Q&A event, and then delete your account when COLLAGE JOY is over.  A recording of the weekly LIVE Q&A will be stored on the workshop platform, so you don't need Facebook to view the recording.

Can I go at my own pace, or do I have to keep up with the group?

You have the option of completing each week's recorded lessons the same week they are released, or whenever you feel inspired. With lifetime access to the 6 weeks of lessons, you cannot get behind.  I encourage you follow your own inner rhythm as you move through each week's lessons.

When is the next time you'll be offering COLLAGE JOY?

The doors to COLLAGE JOY will once again open on January 9, 2024.  Until then, please enjoy COLLAGE KICKSTART, my free introductory course to COLLAGE JOY.

I promise to hold nothing back during our 12 weeks together.

From how to create those thin white circles, to creating a composition that "works", to mounting your art to a cradled board,  I'm sharing all I know, and will answer any question you ask!

Whole w white border
  • Catherine Rains

    “Collage Joy has been a unique learning experience. Cat takes you through the whole process in detailed steps, from mixing your own color palette to hanging your professionally finished work of art. Along the way, she shares methods to achieve elements unique to the style she has developed over years of collaging. I felt as if I was in a live class because she was responsive to every question posed on either the course site or in the live Q&A on Facebook. The private Facebook group was an essential feature for me. I had the support and encouragement of fellow classmates as we faced the same challenges.”

  • Catherine Rains

    “This class really was a joy! I learned so much from Cat. I really liked the idea of working in a series with a limited palette. I hadn't done that before and found it took my collages to a new level. I love how the lessons build on each other, bit by bit adding more complexity to one's designs as you go. Her additional tips and tricks were helpful. I'd definitely recommend this class! You'll have a blast.”

  • Catherine Rains

    “The course is excellent in many, many ways.
    My personal journey was huge. I started with very little knowledge of collage although I had a love of it.
    I have done other online course with a limited amount of success. In yours, I learned the basics - paper, glue brushes and so on. I loved the small and very clear steps to moving forward - cool and warm colours - whoever heard the like? A whole new world.

    I loved your style of presentation, - laid back, accommodating and so humble. You are seriously talented, I suspect you are unaware of how good you really are. From the very bottom of my heart - thank you, you have changed my life for the better. Perhaps, one day, I’ll call myself an artist because of you.”

  • Catherine Rains

    “The lessons are built up very carefully -step by step- and they give information about all aspects of the art of collage making: materials, techniques, content of your art, the alternatives, problems and solutions. The information is given in manageable 'pieces', so you can choose the topics you are most interested in and have the possibility to learn and at the same time do it your own way.

    The course leads you from making small collages to gradually working bigger and also works towards finishing your work, ready to hang on the wall. The whole process is covered.
    Catherine is very enthusiastic and attentive, following closely what her students make and answering every question.”


Hi, I'm Cat!


As a collage artist for over 25 years, my intention is to create from a connected and joy-filled place, and inspire you to do the same. 


COLLAGE JOY reflects this intention as we listen to our deepest desires, and create art that reflects what we most want in our lives. I would be truly honored if joined me in taking this heart-opening art journey together!


I'm so touched that you stayed to the end.

Perhaps that is your heart saying "this for me"?

If you have any additional questions about whether COLLAGE JOY is right for you , please do not hesitate to connect with me HERE.

I am more than enough - 1000

I can't wait to welcome you to the COLLAGE JOY classroom!

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