Learn a totally new way to collage

& how share what you create

In this self-paced online course, you will learn to:

  • Transform your beautiful art into meaningful gifts or small products to sell.

  • Create stunning small collages harvested™ from larger ones.

  • Learn innovative ways to elevate and professionally finish your collage gifts.

  • Repurpose art & collage papers you've previously made into gifts.

  • Invite the sacred into the art making process.

During this workshop, you will...

  • Learn how to easily create a large Harvest™ collage, and then transform it into dozens of smaller collages.

  • Turn your collages into 8 types of elegant gifts - mounted mini-collages, framed ornaments, pendants, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks, keychains and magnets.

  • Elevate your artwork with many types of "collage doodling", everything from image transfers to fine liner dots.

  • Learn to cut a perfect thin circle, and then use it as a finishing collage element.

  • Imbed meaning into your collage gifts.

  • Make dozens of one-of-a-kind collage papers. (optional as you may already have plenty of collage papers to make harvest™ collages)

  • Receive many pdf templates to make creating collage gifts super fun and easy!

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 What to expect in each Project

Project One

Start by creating your first large Harvest™ collage, & adding transparent papers for additional interest.  Using a 4"x4" template, you'll harvest™ smaller collages from the large one, and elevate your art with collage doodling & mounting onto cradled boards. 

Project Two

After creating your second Harvest™ collage, you will search for 2"x2" ornament collages using a pdf template. To elevate each ornament, you'll experiment with several collage doodling techniques, and professionally frame your art. 

Project Three

By either creating a third Harvest™ collage, or using the collage scraps from the first two projects, you will use templates to harvest™ six types of gifts in many sizes and formats - pendants, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks, keychains, and magnets.

"I truly enjoyed EVERYTHING about your 5 day Collage class!!! From the instruction to the excellent filming and direction, sped up when necessary and real time when needed... you expertly captured a wonderful experience for all... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have shared and being so brave!  You have inspired me that it is never too late for another beginning."    Jennifer Trujillo

"Your explanation and range of techniques was fantastic.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of your tips and ideas and they were really easy to follow, even for a beginner like me. I really appreciated that your lessons were brief and to the point, and you demonstrated every step.  You were easy to listen to - very gentle and calming."   Julie Petro

"I truly enjoyed your class. I wasn't expecting to learn new things and be so inspired, but I absolutely did and am!  I loved the pace of the class and your teaching style.  You're a great teacher. Thank you for your generosity!"   Robin Bowers

Collage Joy has been the best class I have taken over the internet. As a retired teacher I appreciate a course that is well planned out. Catherine has done an amazing job organizing the class into incremental steps. 

Catherine's calm, personable manner makes the class what it is. I have greatly improved my art skills because of what I have learned in this class.  Denise Szafran

Collage Joy is amazing to me in every way. So well organized, every detail is thought of and explained. You demonstrate so many ways to create collage papers that I was just overwhelmed in a wonderful way. Your explanations are clear, your ideas are simple and yet ingenious. Collage Joy is one of the best online art experiences I have ever had. It truly is a joy to watch, to learn and to work on my own projects with you and your lessons in mind.  Rita D

I truly enjoyed every minute, from Collage Kickstart all the way through the Collage Joy master class. Catherine is a generous and knowledgeable teacher who shares skills and techniques and is always kind and approachable. From creating your own papers to adding final touches, while always encouraging each student to be true to their own art, she guides you through each lesson.  Deborah Palmer

What I loved about Collage Joy was that we weren't just copying the instructor's work. Cat gave us guidelines, and we created our own unique pieces. It was fun to see everyone's work...similar in color but so different in style. Now, I can use Cat's guidelines to create any type of collage I want. The sky's the limit!!  Alice Clayton

I loved your style of presentation - laid back, accommodating and so humble. You are seriously talented, I suspect you are unaware of how good you really are. From the very bottom of my heart - thank you, you have changed my life for the better. Perhaps, on day, I’ll call myself an artist because of you.  Mary-Rose B

How long to I get to keep COLLAGE KEEPSAKE?

You have unlimited LIFETIME access to this workshop, which means for as long as Catherine Rains, LLC is in business offering online courses.

What supplies do I need?

You probably already have most, if not all, of the supplies needed to create stunning Harvest™collages.  In order to transform these collages into gifts, you will receive the "Suggested Supplies" pdf as soon as you sign up. This document will include links to the products needed to create all the gifts taught in COLLAGE KEEPSAKE. 

How do I view the lessons?

You can access the prerecorded video lessons from most mobile devices and computers with high speed internet. As this is a self-paced workshop, you can return to the lessons as many times as you wish.

Once I sign up, then what happens?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you sign up, along with the supplies list.  Login instructions will be sent to the email you used during registration.  If this is the first time you are taking a class from me, you will receive a random password for the classroom site. Once you are logged in, you will be able to go into your setting and change the password.  If you took COLLAGE KICKSTART or COLLAGE JOY, this class will automatically be added to your existing member account, assuming you used the same email when registering. 

When does the workshop begin?

The lessons for all three projects will be available to you on October 3, 2023.  As this is a self-paced workshop, take your time moving through each project, and return to each lesson as many times as you wish.

What is your cancelation policy?

You have 14 days from the day the classroom opens to decide whether this workshop and myself as a teacher is a fit for your learning style. I want you to be delighted with what I'm sharing and if you aren't, simply contact my team at collagejoylove@gmail.com and we'll happily refund your full purchase price as long as you have watched 50% or less of the lessons.

What level of artist is this suitable for?

This class is intended for all levels of artists, from those just beginning to explore mixed media to those who already exhibit their art. I will be sharing my personal step-by-step process for creating Harvest™collages, and how to transform them into beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts. As with any workshop you take, you will naturally integrate the parts that resonate  no matter your artistic level.  

How can I connect with other students?

You will be invited to join a private FaceBook group where you can share what you are creating, cheer each other on, and ask me questions. 

You are not required to join this group, and can still connect to the community through the comment section of each lesson. 

Can I go at my own pace, or do I have to keep up with the group?

As this is a self-paced workshop, you decide the timing of how to move through the lessons.  You can start with Project ONE and move sequentially through the three projects, or jump around depending on what projects interest you.  This is totally up to you. With lifetime access to the lessons, you cannot get behind.  I encourage you follow your own inner rhythm as you decide which projects to complete and when.


Hi, I'm Cat!

As a collage artist for over 30 years, my intention is to create from a connected and joy-filled place, and inspire you to do the same. 

COLLAGE KEEPSAKE reflects this intention as we listen to our inner knowing, and create art that makes us feel most alive. I would be truly honored if joined me in taking this heart-opening and gratitude filled art journey together!


I'm so touched that you stayed to the end.

Perhaps that is your heart saying "this for me"?

If you have any additional questions about whether COLLAGE KEEPSAKE is right for you , please do not hesitate to connect with me HERE.


I can't wait to welcome you to the COLLAGE KEEPSAKE classroom!

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